What is the angle of inclination and what is the direction of facing.

1. The angle if inclination of PV Panel at any location on the earth depends upon the Latitude of the location. The latitude of location defines the distance of the location from equator and its inclination with respect to the sunrays. Example: The inclination of the panel w.r.t. the plane of earth should be 30 degrees (source PV Syst)
2. Here one should take care of the fact that with the change in the season the tilt angle also changes as there is change in the inclination tilt or inclination of earth with respect to the sun. This is the reason that panels which are not with the auto tracking system are adjusted manually after certain period of time with the change in season.
3. As far as the direction of panels facing is concerned it should be southern facing in case of India as geographic location of India is in Northern hemisphere of earth.




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