Tamil Nadu to set up solar parks to generate 1000 mw

Tamil Nadu government today proposed to set up solar powered parks with the aim of generating 1000 mw in the next five years in the public-private participation mode.

 Initially Rs. 1000 crore will be invested in southern parts of the state to develop over 500 acres to produce 100 mw.  The Tamil Nadu Industries Development Corporation (TIDCO) will set up such solar parks.
After Rajasthan and Gujarat, Tamil Nadu receives the third largest amount of solar radiation in India. Tamil Nadu receives about 5.35Kwh/sq.m/day
Tamil Nadu government planning to come up with five year solar policy
Tamil Nadu RPO (2012-13)
  •  Non-Solar : 8.95%
  • solar: 0.05%
If you want further information on draft policy or any other information feel free to contact us

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