“The choice of technology depends upon the annual solar Irradiance at the site”

For photovoltaics, nominal power ranges from 1W powering individual reading lights (~1W) to solar farms of up to 60MW (Olmedialla PV Park, Spain), with even bigger sizes in the pipeline. Larger installations will need tracking.
In contrast, concentrating PV and concentrated solar thermal plants are only viable in clear, sunny locations with an annual irradiance of above 2,000kWh/m². Due to their increased complexity, they are also not economically viable for small installations. Solar thermal power stations can be of utility size with ranges to 350MW.
In our JNNSM policy , Phase – I (Batch I & II) awarded solar PV projects with minimum and maximum of 5MW to 20MW, when it comes to solar thermal power plants 50 MW(Max). In near future existing plants wants to go for expansions their options depends on the annual solar Irradiance at particular location. So while choosing the location for the solar power plant we should give more  importance to the annual solar Irradiance.
Technology selection based on location (annual solar Irradiance).

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