Technical requirements for a solar thermal power stations

Solar thermal plants. Normally a solar irradiation (DNI) of 1800 kWh/m2, considered necessary for solar thermal plants. About 5-7 acres/MW land is required for solar thermal plants. Solar thermal plant require water availability of approx. 4 m3/MWh .

In case of solar power plant in coal based stations, location should be away from high dust areas like vicinity of coal and ash handling plants.  Also washing requirements of solar field/solar panels needs water.

Integration of solar thermal plants on the steam side to the existing station is a cumbersome proposition. Thus, the solar plants in existing TPS may be considered as a stand alone plant without any interconnection to the steam side of the station. However, integrated solar  plants with conventional gas based plants could be considered for new stations depending on site specific factors for which site specific technoeconomics and feasibility studies would be required.

Metering of the generated eleectricity is done through two meters (one main and one check meter) may be provided for solar electricity generated. Suitable metering arrangements would also be required for measurement of auxiliary power consumption of the solar thermal plant from the existing station electric supply.


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