Open access guidelines for rajasthan

Charges payable for the Open Access on Transmission and Distribution system in Rajasthan: 2012-13


Transmission Charges:   Rs. 146.61/kW/month

Transmission Charges (For STOA customers):   Rs.4.82/kW/day

Transmission Charges (For interstate bilateral & collective power exchange transactions):   32.07 paisa/kWh

Transmission Losses:   4.2%

(As per provisional transmission charges and losses approved for FY 12-13 vide order dated 30.3.12 by the RERC)


Operation Charges: Rs. 2.50/kW/month

(As per provisional SLDC charges approved for FY 12-13 by the RERC vide order dated


Scheduling Charges:

For generators above 10 MW if daily schedule is not submitted: Rs. 50000/schedule

For generators above 1 MW if weekly schedule is not submitted: Rs. 5000/schedule

For OA consumers if daily schedule is not submitted: Rs. 1000/schedule


Wheeling charges:

132 kV:   1p/kWh

33 kV:   11p/kWh

11 kV:   32p/kWh


System Voltage                       System losses

33 kV                                      3.80%

11 kV                                      12.60%

Surcharge (Applicable for OA consumers having third party sale):

category LIP-EHV LIP-33kV LIP-11kV ML-EHV ML-33kV ML-11kV NDS-EHV NDS-33kV NDS-11kV
Surcharge   (Rs/kWh) 0.18 0..13 0.05 0.15 0.09 0.02 0.49 0.43 0.36

(As per System Losses approved by RERC vide order Dated : 31th March, 2011)


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