Status of Solar Energy Projects in Rajasthan

Projects under National Solar Mission and state Solar Energy Policy has resulted in significant addition of solar energy power projects in the state. As on 25th June 2012, nearly 201 MW of solar power projects have already got commissioned in the state and many other solar projects are under construction.

 Break-up of capacity in Rajasthan



National   Solar Mission


State   Policy


Migration   scheme


Projects   under RPSSGP and GBI scheme


Other   Projects




All the projects that have got commissioned in the state are those that were bid under Phase I, Batch I of NSM. Except one 5MW project, all the projects which were bid under NSM (Phase I, Batch 1) in Rajasthan have got commissioned.

Under Phase 1 Batch II of NSM, out of 210 MW bid under NSM in Rajasthan, 175 MW projects have already signed PPA and are under different phases of implementation.

Under state policy, nearly 45MW of solar projects have got commissioned.


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