Large scale Deployment of Solar roof top systems: Need to standardise the product line

While we have already done a good progres after achieving 1GW of utility scale solar projects installation in India, there is an urgent need to address the demand of solar power in the roof top sagment. While on one hand government of India is yet to come up with the guidelines for tariff and net metering for rooftop systems, it is important for the developers to come up with standardised solutions for roof top solar systems.
THe developers should come up with standardised off the shelf solutions for small solar PV rooftop systems. Currently each project is unique and hence the individual system design and installation method increases the cost of installation to the end user. Currently, much of the system design is customized for each individual PV system. Design standardisation can reduce installation labor cost.
Some of the companies operating in the rooftop sagement such as Sunpower has come up with the standardised products T5 Solar Roo TIle. SunPower has made it a standardised design so that it is easy to install. The T5 Solar Roof Tiles are designed especially for space-constrained, load-sensitive rooftops, the T5 is the first photovoltaic rooftop product to combine solar panel, frame, and mounting system into a single, pre-engineered unit. Durable, lightweight, and using the high-efficiency SunPower E19/318 photovoltaic solar panel, the T5 Solar Roof Tile is durable, lightweight, and aerodynamic. Best of all for the owners of rooftop solar power generation systems, T5 Solar Roof Tile installs without penetrating the roof membrane.
There is a need to come up similar off the shelf items in the roof top sagement to address the growing need to Indian market.


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