UP Draft solar policy

SPOWER-POLICY-DRAFT-2012Indian State (Uttar Pradesh) UP has come up with a draft solar policy to install 1000 MW of solar power by 31st March 2017. Solar power plants approved, installed and commissioned during this period alone shall be eligible for benefits of this policy. However, no benefit of this policy will be available to projects set up under any incentive scheme of MNRE.
Target capacity of 1000 MW of solar power will be achieved till March
2017 in five phases as follows:
Phase I 2012-2013-Nil
Phase II 2013-2014 150 MW
Phase III 2014-2015 300 MW
Phase IV 2015-2016 300 MW
Phase V 2016-2017 250 MW
Total 1000
Energy generated from solar power projects commissioned during this policy period will be sold to distribution licensee/utility on tariff based competitive bidding, subject to approval by UPERC or at Average Pool Price under REC Mechanism.
The policy specifies technical as well as financial criteria for elligible participants under this program which is as follows:
Technical criteria: Experience of successfully commissioning grid
connected Solar Power Project(s) aggregating at least Rs.10 crore in the
last three years.
Financial Criteria: THe developers should have Net Worth of Rs 3.00 crore /MW derived from any of the last three years annual accounts.
Alternatively the developer should have annual turnover of Rs 5 crore /MW derived from any of the last three years annual accounts


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