Risk factor in solar pv

Key risk factors

Solar PV is considered as one of the most environmental friendly technology. Still there are some of the risk factors invoilved with theis technology, which are as follows::

  • Vulnerability to weather damage, such as hail and lightening.
  • Theft and vandalism – PV systems are often located in remote areas and panels are stolen away.
  • Component break-downs, e.g. short-circuits, break-down of the converters. Break down of solar trackers, which maximise the time that the PV systems face the sun by moving the panels.
  • Unexpected reductions in solar radiation – electricity generation is greatly reduced in cloudy conditions requiring alternate sources of power.
  • “Shadowing” – the development of a high structure next to a building with PV panels can result in a loss of performance of certain parts of the array as a result of shadowing.
  • Workmanship and faulty materials-reduced performance of modules (premature degradation/ageing of cells).
  • Availability of polysilicion feedstock and lead time to supply replacement solar panels given their current global demand.
  • The phenomenon of “islanding”- this occurs when a self-generator continues to feed power into the grid when power flow from the central utility source has been interrupted, and can result in serious injury or death to utility repair crews.

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