Karnataka Rooftop Solar Policy

Roof Top Solar Tariff:  The Roof Top Grid connected solar KWp level projects of 5 KWp to 100 KWp will be allowed connecting at 415 V, 3 phase, 11 KV level of distribution system of the licensee in such a manner that the maximum energy injection will not be more than 70% of the consumption from the distribution licensee‘s source by the Solar Roof Top consumer. Any injection in a billing period exceeding 70% of the consumption will be treated as inadvertent and will not be considered for commercial purpose; neither the deficit is carried forward to next billing period. Such injection will be settled on Net Basis with the consumption of the said consumer from the distribution licensee’s source in each billing period.

  • Roof Top Grid connected solar power quantum fed to the Grid  will be eligible for a Tariff of Rs 3.40 per KWh along with Net Metering facility. If any incentives available from Ministry of New and Renewable Energy Government of India, it will be passed on to the Developer. However, Roof Top systems will be additionally eligible for any other subsidies extended to the Roof Top Projects.
  • Solar Photo Voltaic systems below 2 KWp will be battery backed isolated stand alone systems. Isolated Solar Photo Voltaic sources up to 200 KWp will be for Rural Applications
  • Roof Top small scale Solar PV Installations will be encouraged with Net Metering facility to feed surplus power generated to the Grid.
  • Under Solar Karnataka Programme it is targeted for 25000 Solar Roof Tops of 5 to 10 kwp with Net Metering will be taken up with a 250 MW potential during next 5 years with a generation potential of 350 MU.
  • Regulatory bodies responsible for Rooftop systems:

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