Maharashtra Rooftop Solar Policy

According to Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission, Regulation 68 of the RE Tariff Regulations specifies, that the tariff for Solar Rooftop PV  projects and other small solar projects will be Rs 0.50/kWh higher than the Tariff specified for Solar PV projects in the Regulations.

Accordingly, the Tariff for such Projects in FY 2012-13 shall be as follows:



Tariff Period


Levellised Total Tariff (FY 2012-13)


Benefit of Accelerated Depreciation

(if availed)


Net Levellised Tariff (upon adjusting for Accelerated Depreciation benefit) 

(if availed)


Solar rooftop PV and other Small solar power Projects 25 11.66 1.65 10.01




The above Tariff shall be applicable for Solar Rooftop PV and other small solar Projects wherein PPA are signed after March 31, 2012 and projects are commissioned during FY 2012-13, and the same shall be valid for a tariff period of 25 years from the Commercial Operation Date (COD).


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