Technical Specifications for rooftop solar PV modules and Inverter Systems

The Rooftop PV and Small Solar Power Projects deploying PV modules and Inverter systems should comply with the IEC/ BIS standards and the standards specified by CERC to be considered technically qualified.

The equipment quality to be used should meet the guidelines for engineering design included in the standards and codes listed in the relevant ISI and other standards, such as:

  1. i.    IEEE 928: Recommended Criteria for Terrestrial PV power systems.
  2. ii.  IEEE 929 Recommended practice for utility interface of residential and    intermediate PV systems.

iii. IEEE 519 Guide for harmonic control and reactive compensation of Static Power Controllers.

iv. National Electrical NFPA 70-1990 (USA) or equipment national standard.

  1. v.  National Electrical Safety Code ANSI C2 (USA) or equipment national standard.

vi. IEC : 61215 (2005)- Crystalline silicon terrestrial photovoltaic (PV) modules – Design            qualification and type approval

  1. vii.                vii. IEC: 61730 -1, -2 Photovoltaic (PV) module safety qualification Part 2: Requirements for testing
  2. viii.              IEC: 60904-1(2006) Photovoltaic Devices- Part-I: Measurement of Photovoltaic current-Voltage Characteristic

ix. IS 9000 Basic environmental testing procedure for Electronic and electrical items.


2 responses to “Technical Specifications for rooftop solar PV modules and Inverter Systems

  1. Sir is there any criterion of using Indigenous PV module for claiming the 30% subsidy for a 100 kW or less off grid solar power installation apart form the above mentioned technical specifications under JNNSM..??

  2. Are there any technical requirements for large scale PV inverters? I believe there are few IEC and BIS standards available at the MNRE website. Moreover, does it require any environmental clearances?

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