Maintainance of utility scale solar projects

O&M of utility scale plant is essential part to fetch the desired PLF of these plants. The major activities in the O&M on the utility scale solar plants are as follows:

o Monitoring the operations of the Project via the computer monitoring system;

o Developing operating and safety plans;

o Maintaining all Project information and facility data, including providing reports to the Company.

Although the solar plants are highly reliable and maintenance free, but they still require some minimum maintenance to be performed. Some of the maintenance activities need to be completed at regular intervals are as follows:

Activity Maintenance Action
Check solar display as compared with solar insolation Remote monitoring system with critical alarms based on comparing sets of data
Review array output, current and voltage to verify proper operation More substantial, on-site check in a random pattern to verify computer output.
Watch for shading by trees, weeds, other obstructions Particularly for ground-mounted systems, vegetation growth can vary from year to year.
Inspect the PV array surface for excessive dirt or debris (bird droppings, leaves, etc.) If rainfall is not expected to remove any accumulation, the surface will be cleaned with a gentle rinse with plain water or mild detergent.
Lubricate motors, gears, bearings Preventive maintenance
Inspect the PV modules for cracks/damage Preventative maintenance check
Inspect the PV modules for discoloration/ cloudiness Preventative maintenance check
Inspect the entire system for loose or damaged wiring Preventative maintenance check, easy to repair on site
Inspect inverter and clean any filters or vents to ensure unrestricted air flow Preventative maintenance check, easy to repair on site
Repair inverter Budgeted to have major overhauls once every 10 years.
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