Rajasthan invites proposals for setting up Solar PV projects

Rajasthan Renewable Energy Corporation (RREC) invites request for proposal from interested companies and/or bidding consortium and/ or any consortium member thereof (“Bidders”) for Selection of developer(s) for setting up 5/10 MW Solar PV Project (total aggregate capacity of 100 MW) for supply of electricity for 25 years through competitive bidding process as per the directives of Government of Rajasthan. The responsibility of the successful Bidder(s) would be to supply power to the Procurer as per the terms and conditions of the PPA. The PPA will be signed between Procurer and successful Bidder(s). The Power Sale Agreement (PSA) shall be executed between Procurer and Discoms of Rajasthan.

For the projects to be selected through competitive bidding, the prospective Solar Power producers would offer discount in paisa/kWh on the preferential tariff declared by Rajasthan Electricity Regulatory Commission’s through its order dated 30th May, 2012. The bidder shall quote the discount on the tariff i.e. on Rs. 8.42 per kWh declared by RERC after considering Accelerated Rate of Depreciation. The tariff given above would be the benchmark tariff for solar power plants and would form the basis for selection of projects for sale of power to procurer for projects where PPA is signed by 31st March, 2013 and commissioned by 31st March, 2014. All the solar PV power plants are coming at same location.


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