Solar Projects achieve as high as 25% CUF in Rajasthan

In a recent report released by MNRE, the projects under NVVN phase 1 have shown a decent a CUF and most of the projects achieved a CUF of over 20%. The highest CUF is achieved by a project of Northwest Energy private limited. The CUF achieved by this is of the order of 29.98%. A typical 5 MW solar project produces about 8 lakh units in a month. However, the Northwest project in Rajasthan which is of 5 MW capacity has produced over 9 lakh units to achieve this CUF. Some of the other best performing plants include Siddham Overseas private limited as well as Mahindra Solar One which has CUF of the order of 23%. It is expected that better O&M practices, reliable grid infrastructure and optimized technology selection will improve upon the CUFs of solar projects. In an earlier report released by MNRE, the CUFs of the projects were of the order of 16%, however looking at the current data it shows that the technology has improved and net generation per MW from solar projects has also improved. The improved CUFs will develop confidence of investors/financial institutions in grid-connected solar PV projects in India.

Net exportable power for Oct 2012


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