JNNSM Phase-II targets 10 GW capacity by 2017

While the JNNSM Phase-I has achieved its target of 1100 MW successfully, the Phase-II now targets to reach the solar capacity of 10 GW by 2017. Although these targets require state electricity regulators to enforce RPO targets which range currently about 0.25% and will increase upto 3% by 2022. The proposed 10 GW capacity in the country will be distributed to various states depending on their RPO requirements. Most of this capacity will come up in the states such as Maharashtra, Gujarat, UP, AP, MP and Karnataka due to their high energy consumption levels. The country has currently about 1050 MW installed capacity and if all the states fulfill their RPO targets, the required capacity will be about 1414 MW, which shows that the current deficit is of about 26%. RPO enforcement is important for the government and state regulators so that investors in solar projects have faith to achieve the desired cash flows and make projects a risk free proposition. 


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