AP Solar RFS 2012 Summary

Here’s a list of key points from the AP Solar RFS for 1000 MW of projects

  • Selection of developers through competitive bidding
  • PPA of 25 years
  • Minimum bid of 1 MW capacity and maximum bid of 20 MW capacity
  • Net Worth requirement of Rs.1 crore/MW
  • Processing fees of Rs.2 lakhs at the time of submission of RfS
  • Earnest money deposit of Rs.2 lacs/MW
  • 2 hectares/MW land requirement
  • Pre-bid meeting on 14th Dec, 2012
  • Contract performance bank guarantee to be produced by the successful bidder to the concerned distribution licensees on L1 price and determined benchmark price difference to the tune of Rs. equivalent of the energy generated for 3 years at approved CUF. If price difference is not less than 5%, then CPBG is not required
  • Performance bank guarantee to be furnished before entering into PPA within 10 days from the date of LoI
  • Solar PV plant has to be commissioned withing 6 months from date of signing of PPA or 8 months from issue of LoI
  • Penalties

Delay of 1 month – Rs.2 lakhs/MW

Delay of 2 months – Rs. 3 lakhs/MW

Delay of 4 months – Rs. 5 lakhs/MW



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