Summary of state rooftop solar policies

State Target Incentives
Tamil Nadu 350 MW
  1. GBI (Generation Based Incentives) which are Rs. 2/kWh  for first two years and Rs 1 per kWh for next two years, and there  after Rs. 0.5 per kWh for subsequent two years
  2. Net metering allowed at multiple voltage levels
Karnataka 250 MW Tariff of Rs 3.40 per KWh along with Net Metering facility
Rajasthan 50 MW Tariff-based competitive bidding
Gujarat Plans to introduce rooftop policy 5 MW rooftop programme on the PPP model in the capital which is now extended to about 5 more cities and towns
Kerala 10 MW
  1. Central financial assistance from state would be minimum of either 30% cost of the project or Rs. 81,000/ per system
  2. State subsidy of Rs. 39000/per system is also available for the approximate  cost of the plant of Rs. 2.5 lakh
Maharashtra Not decided Levelized tariff Rs.11.66/kWh for projects commissioned during 2012-13 for 25 years
Haryana Yet to be announced
  1. 2 demonstration projects of 100 kW each approved
  2. Financial assistance of Rs.75 lakhs for each project
Chhattisgarh Not decided Incentives provided by MNRE will be made available to project developers


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