Highlights of pre-bid meeting between solar developers and AP Transco

Issues raised and discussed during the pre-bid meeting between solar developers and AP Transco on 14th Dec, 2012 at Hyderabad

  1. Bid processing fee @ Rs 2 lakhs as compared to Rs. 10,000 for Rajasthan & Tamil Nadu
  2. Timeline of 6 months for an SPV plant will be reconsidered
  3. No tariff escalation will be provided in comparison to TN Solar bid for 1000 MW
  4. Limit of 20% PLF will not be applicable and the payments to the developer will be as per the metered energy at the substation
  5. Developer’s responsibility to check the evacuation capacity of the substation, how many bays are available
  6. Payment rules will be as per AP Transco guidelines
  7. Connections to the substation have to be laid & maintained by developer
  8. No clearances required from AP Transco
  9. Benchmark price will be determined by an expert committee after the submission of bids
  10. Either L1 or Benchmark price (if L1 > Benchmark Price) is the lowest to be taken up at a substation level
  11. Penalty for shortfall in supply of electricity will be calculated as PPA tariff*(injected power-minimum guaranteed power
  12. Committee Determined Benchmark Price is going to be the ceiling price. If L1 > Benchmark price, then benchmark price will be paid by the govt

Posted by Asim Sharma

Firstgreen Consulting


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