Preliminary Information for Bidding Under Phase – 1 of Rajasthan Solar Energy Policy 2011

General Information

GoR has floated RfP for Setting up of Grid Connected 5/10 MW AC Solar PV Projects of total capacity 100 MW in Rajasthan under Phase-1 of Rajasthan Solar Energy Policy 2011, issued by Rajasthan Renewable Energy Corporation Limited. This RfP is invited through e-tender system for selection of bidders. Some of the basic information and important information is mentioned here.

The State will support setting up of 5 (5.5 DC) / 10 (11 DC) MW (aggregate of 100MW (under phase -1)) Solar Photovoltaic (PV) power plants for direct sale of power to Discoms of Rajasthan as per clause 5.1.5 of Rajasthan Solar Energy Policy.

Financial Criteria: The “Net Worth” of the Bidder should be equal to or greater than Rs 3 crore per MW or equivalent US $. The computation of Net Worth has to be based on unconsolidated audited annual accounts of the company. For the purpose of the computation of Net Worth, the last four financial years should be considered.

Technical Criteria: The Bidder has to deploy commercially established technology wherein there is at least one project is successfully operational of the proposed technology of 1 MW, anywhere in the world.


Selection of Projects based on Discount in Bench Mark Tariff. The bidders have to quote the discount on the tariff i.e. on Rs. 8.42 per kWh declared by RERC after considering Accelerated Rate of Depreciation. The tariff given above would be the benchmark tariff for solar power plants and would form the basis for selection of projects for sale of power to Procurer for projects where PPA is signed by 31st March, 2013 and commissioned by 31st March, 2014. As all the Solar PV Power Plants are coming at same location and having almost similar infrastructure facilities , RREC propose to offer uniform tariff to all the selected bidders.

All other successful bidders have to meet the discounted tariff of L1 bidder. This is one of the best way for uniform tariff structure for all the power plants and eliminate the possibility of any large difference in the tariff of finally selected solar power producers.

Successful Bidders will NOT be availing the benefit of REC and such an undertaking would be incorporated in PPA.

All the required information will be furnished strictly in prescribed Formats only. This will help in fast submission and processing of the bidding procedure.

The Bidders should be registered with RREC prior to participation in this bid process. All the companies who have already registered with RREC for setting up of solar power plant in Rajasthan for any solar technology need NOT to be registered again.

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is NOT eligible for participation.

A foreign company can also participate on standalone basis or as a member of consortium at RfP stage. But before signing of PPA it has to form an Indian Company registered under the Company Act, 1956;

Successful Companies can also execute the project through a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV). However the SPV has to be formed before signing of PPA.


Important Date

Last date & time of submission of bid (electronic): Up to 11.01.2013


Cost for Bidding

  1. Bid cost Receipt / Bid cost DD / Pay order for Rs 5000.00: DD in favour of Chairman & Managing Director, RREC, payable at Jaipur (INR 5000/-)
  2. Processing Fee of RREC, DD/Pay order of @ Rs 10,000.00 / MW: DD in favour of Chairman & Managing Director, RREC, payable at Jaipur (for 5 MW – INR 50,000/-)
  3. Processing fee of RISL Rs. 1000.00: DD in favour of Managing Director, RISL, payable at Jaipur (INR 1000/-)
  4. EMD: Bank Guarantee towards EMD @ Rs. 20 Lacs/MW: for 5 MW – INR 1,00,00,000/-
  5. Bid Bond with respect to the discount on tariff:

Bid Bond for the amount calculated as per Clause 3.8.3 of RfP valid for a period of 210 days from last date of submission of RfP bid. The Bidders will be required to furnish Bid Bond (Bank Guarantee) on graded scale along with the RfP bid as provided hereunder:


Sr No Discount offered on Bench Mark Tariff Amount of Bid Bond(BG) applicable for every paisa of discount on Bench Mark Tariff (per MW)
1 Up to 10% Rs. 10,000/-
2 More than 10% & Up to 15% Rs. 20,000/-
3 More than 15% & Up to 20% Rs. 30,000/-
4 More than 20% & Up to 25% Rs. 40,000/-
5 More than 25% Rs. 50,000/-

Calculation should be like Income-tax slab wise.(i.e. Total Bid Bond Value= Bid bond Value for 10%+Bid bond Value 10% to 15% + Bid bond Value 15% to 20%+ Bid bond Value 20% to 25%+ Bid bond Value more than 25% etc as applicable).

Sample: for 14% = for 10% of discount INR 842000 per MW (84.2 x 10000) + for 4% of discount 673600 per MW (33.68 x 20000) = INR of 7578000 for 5 MW Solar PV Project.



The Bidder is FREE to choose ANY Solar PV power generation technology manufactured in India or Imported. ONLY commercially established and operational technologies, this is to minimize the technology risk and to achieve the commissioning of the projects in the state. MoU or any type of agreement with technology provider is NOT required to be submitted along with the response to RfP. Also any technology Partner‘s details are NOT required at RfP stage.


For Successful Bidders Only

Performance Guarantee of Rs. 30 Lacs/MW at the time of signing of PPA (valid for a period of 15 months for 5/10 MW from the date of signing of PPA)

The Project Developer has to report tie-up of Financial Arrangements for the projects within 180 days from the date of signing Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

The successful bidder has to pay one time development charges @ Rs. 6.0 lac/ hectare plus taxes as applicable thereof to the Rajasthan Solarpark Development Company Ltd.

In addition, the successful bidder has to pay annually O&M charges @ 5% of @ Rs. 6.0 lac./hectare i.e. Rs. 30,000.00 /hectare plus taxes as applicable thereof for maintenance of common infrastructure facilities created by the Rajasthan Solarpark Development Company Ltd.

Allotment of land will be done by the Revenue Department @ 10% of DLC rate (Agriculture land) as per the Rajasthan Land Revenue on lottery basis.

All solar power plants getting connected to the grid for supplying power to the Procurer have to pay Grid connectivity charges of Rs. 2.00 lacs per MW to RVPN.

The Project should be commissioned within 12 months in case of 5 MW/10MW from the date of signing of PPA between Successful Bidder and Procurer. Commissioning period is subject to Force Measure Conditions

To provide details of final technology selection viz Crystalline/ Thin Film/ Concentrator PV/specific any Other Technology etc.

Order copy/agreement copy, with Technology Provider/ supplier for supply of modules, equipments for said technology.

A certificate from the project/client situated anywhere in world that the technology supplied by the Manufacturer /Technology Provider is in successful operation.


Other Provisions

State Nodal Agency (RREC) will provide necessary support to facilitate the development of the projects. This will include facilitation in the following areas:-

  1. Access to sites
  2. Recommendation for allotment of Govt Land to collector
  3. Arranging Evacuation approval from STU (RVPN)
  4. Connectivity to the substation of STU (RVPN) at the voltage level of 33 kV or above
  5. Timely completion of 33kV transmission line by Discoms and 33kV Bay by RVPN at RVPN Substation



Solar Park is being developed by the Rajasthan Solarpark Development Company Limited, (a subsidiary of RREC) at village Bhadla, Tehsil Phalodi, District Jodhpur. It is proposed to recommend the required land to the selected Solar Power Producer in Bhadla Solar Park. The plots of the size of 5 MW Solar PV capacity and 10 MW Solar PV capacity are being developed. The power produced from these selected solar power plants will be fed to 400/220/132/33kV GSS (Bhadla GSS) being developed by RVPN. Therefore, in this RfP document land has been proposed within Solar Park and connectivity shall be provided at Bhadla GSS.



























The concerned Discom in consultation with RVPN will arrange 33kV transmission line from the Power Plant Generating Substation to nearest 400/220/132/33 kV RVPN GSS at Bhadla, Jodhpur.

No allocation of water shall be made by Water Resource Department GoR from IGNP canal/the nearest available source for development of Solar PV Power Plants.

The project developer shall be responsible for entering into transmission evacuation agreement with STU after allotment of project and signing of PPA.

Geotechnical report for Geotechnical investigation for proposed structure of photovoltaic solar Power plant at solar park of RRECL at village: Bhadla, district Jodhpur is available along with complete hourly solar resource data of the year for Bhadla location.

Follow the following link for Geotechnical Report.


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