Status of Solar projects installed under Gujarat policy

Gujarat has installed a total 952MW solar plant under its state solar policy. Adani power has been the front runner in the solar power installation with the total installed capacity of 40 MW followed by the carbon motors, Coastal Projects Pvt. Ltd., Ganges Entertainment Pvt. Ltd, GMR Gujarat Solar Power Pvt. Ltd, Louroux Bio Energy Ltd, Monnet Ispat & Energy Ltd., Responsive Sutip Ltd., Roha Dyechem Pvt. Ltd., Sand Land Real Estate Pvt. Ltd, Sun Clean Renewable Power Pvt. Ltd., Sun Edison Energy India Pvt. Ltd., Tata Power Company Ltd., Visual Percept Solar Projects Pvt. Ltd add 25 MW each.

There were about 83 investors. Moser bear has played a major EPC player followed by the LANCO. First solar had been the major module supplier followed by Trina solar. Inverters had been procured predominantly by SMA and followed by bonfiglioli. The project has achieved CUF as high as 26%.

Thin film modules have achieved a better CUF as compare to crystalline. The details of generation and CUF have been compiled by First Green team and presented in the following table. Some of the Details are unavailable; we request are reader to provide the further details for updating.

Status of solar projects installed under Gujarat policy

Posted by: Er. Gaurav K. Sharma


One response to “Status of Solar projects installed under Gujarat policy

  1. I would like to inform that Sunclean Renewable Power Pvt Ltd. sr no 69 in the list is a 6MW project not 25MW. You can verify it from the given CUF. If it would have been 25MW then the CUF would have been lower.

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