G-One Solar Light

In these contemporary times when new technology develops and evolves rapidly, much of the rural area in India has been deprived of electricity. About 33 % of the population in rural area has no access to electricity according to reports from Guardian, U.K. Woods are burnt in large quantity for light which contributes to global warming as it is a source of black carbon and not to forget that trees are also sacrificed.

As we are aware that Solar Energy, which is environment friendly and very capable of satiating our energy needs ,is developing at a rapid rate with its cost decreasing and usage of solar roof top panel becoming popular one can assuming safely that this is the thing for the future.

First Green Consulting private limited along with its sister company Green First Power Venture Pvt. Ltd has developed a product G-One Solar Light, it is a high quality product which comes at a very reasonable price. Its design is light and compact for easy and inexpensive transport. The hanging kit makes it suitable for wall, ceiling or table top placement.

This product is equipped with 12 Bright LEDs which can provide light for 6-8 hours per charge. It is water resistant and comes with a built in thin film Solar panel.

In case, you are interested in buying the product, please feel free to contact me at prateeks@firstgreenconsulting.in

Posted By: Prateek SikkaG-One Solar Light


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