Nanotechnology enters in the Green buildings –

Nanotechnologies represent a promising opportunity for the energy efficient transformation for the current buildings and the energy efficiency in the new buildings. Building technology always concern about making intelligent structure and nanotechnology can give many opportunities with large dimensions.

In construction industries, large efforts are given to the reduction of thermal transmittance of the envelope. Nanotechnology has the potential to enable multi-functionality in envelope components. This emerging technology can provide systems which can combine functionalities like being light-weight, high thermal resistance with thickness, fire resistance, and sound insulation. They will also address emerging health issues related with materials and ventilation such as allergies or pathologies like the sick building syndrome. On top of increased technical performance, nanotechnology enabled multifunctional light-weight solutions with affordability and give high return on investments.

Furthermore, potential exists to exploit nanotechnology through the development of nano-electromechanical systems (NEMS) embedded in the components and which could see whole buildings become networked with detectors and sensors to monitor energy efficiency. The new materials and their combination onto components should also consider durability, easy installation, integration and aesthetics, increased indoor comfort, embodied energy, resource-efficiency, economic and environmental aspects. The active participation of industrial partners will represent an added value to these activities and this will be reflected in the Implementation and Impact.

Er. Sheelam Khare..


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