There is huge deficit of electricity supply and along with this global warming is also a major threat to the world existence. It is every one’s duty to save the world and for doing so, everyone should save electricity and use renewable sources to powering one’s daily basic electricity needs like lighting, mobile charging, battery charging etc.

 Now days, everybody knows, solar market is just growing like rocket. Cost of solar panel subsequently cost of electricity generation from solar energy is decreasing rapidly and will soon be at grid parity or one would expect that one day in near future it will be cheaper than grid electricity. Along with solar power plant and roof top systems, daily usage small wattage solar products are also getting very popular due to competitive cost and easy handling behaviour.

First Green has taken a step forward to promote solar products along with solar power plant and roof top system. Today, through this post, I’ll introduce you all with a SOLAR MOBILE CHARGER. Before introducing this wonderful product you all, I have personally check this and found it very convenient and now my mobile is charged with the Green Electricity.


This SOLAR MOBILE CHARGER is equipped to support charging of more than 80%+ mobiles available in the market. In case of any query and to buy this wonderful renewable mobile charger please contact us. Looking forward to your positive response. 

Posted by: Er. Gaurav K. Sharma


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