TANGEDCO proposes Rs. 6.48 as “Workable Tariff”

In the recent bid of 1000 MW for solar projects, the TN bidders reached to as low as Rs. 5.97 per unit with an annual escallation of 5%.  However, the subsequent meetings with the developers for finalising the PPA, TENGEDCO has come out with a workable tariff of Rs 6.48/kWh. This tariff is arrived considering the recent levelised tariff announced by CERC as Rs. 8.75/kWh and Rs. 7.87/kWh considering accelerated depreciation benefits. TENGEDCO has arrived to this tariff considering 5% escallation for 20 years on a base tariff of Rs. 6.48/kWh. TN has considered the accelerated depreciation benefits in arriving at this tariff. Several developers are still considering this tariff as un-attractive tariff. Tn is expected to come up with a fresh tender once the PPAs for the present tariff are finalised. The remaining capacity will be again put for reverse bidding to discover the tariff.




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