AP gets over 180 bids for Solar Photo Voltaic projects

The Andhra Pradesh Government has received more than 180 bids for setting up solar photo-voltaic power plants in the State.

On the extended date for solar bids, which ended at 3 pm on Saturday, it is learnt that the response was good.

However, the details of the participants and the prices they have quoted will be known later when the bid documents submitted by the participants are scrutinized.

The price quotes will be known on March 1 when the bids are processed. There was indication that the bids could be for projects with total capacity of about 900 MW.

Following the State Government solar policy, AP Transco, which was appointed the nodal agency for the solar photo-voltaic power project implementation, had invited bids to set up a capacity of about 1,000 MW in the State.

It is proposed to set up these power projects within one year.

With the current process underway for setting up solar photo-voltaic plants, Andhra Pradesh joins some select State Governments who have sought to attract private sector participation in tapping solar power.

Already Gujarat, Rajasthan are among States who have made big strides and Tamil Nadu recently joined the fray in promoting solar photo-voltaic projects. These State initiatives are strengthening the Country’s Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission in setting up solar photo-voltaic projects.


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