Sale of power through open access: Why solar fares better than wind?

Solar power is a much better option than wind when selling through open access. Solar power generates highest during that time of day when demand is the highest, hence it can provide peak power. As it has very low short term marginal cost (change in total costs of production due to addition of one more MWh), it can provide peak power at less rates than fossil-based power plants. Wind is intermittent, hence it can is provide peak power only if wind is blowing and wind power plant generates at its highest. Also, wind plants generate almost 80% of their power during the windy monsoon months when hydro energy also generates at its maximum. Hence, the buyers of wind power are not able to consume the power fully and the unutilized power is then sold to distribution licensees @ APPC prices.

Asim Sharma, Consultant, FGC


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