Draft Kerala Solar Policy 2013

Kerala has announced its draft policy on solar policy 2013. The salient features of this policy are:-

  • Target of 500 MW installed capacity till 2017
  • off-grid systems such as solar powered cellular towers, display hoardings, new domestic buildings will be promoted, power will be purchased @ FiT
  • off-site generation at locations such as canals, reservoirs, waste lands etc., will be competitively bid by IPPs
  • Solar water heating systems at industrial buildings, govt/private hospitals, hotels, educational institutions, health centers etc. will be promoted
  • Off-grid systems will be provided bank financing at attractive rates and generation-based incentives
  • Grid-connected systems on govt. buildings will be built on a Design-Build-Operate-Transfer (DBOT) basis while grid-connected plants on non-govt. buildings/private lands will be provided net metering or FiT or power will be purchased @APPC price of the utility and also generate RECs
  • Solar Procurement Obligation (SPO) mandated for commercial consumers>20 kVA load, LT industrial>50 kVA load, and all HT and EHT consumers
  • Incentives – 1) For plants <=10 MW, KSEB will create necessary evacuation facility beyond the pooling station 2) No open access charges for wheeling power within the state 3) Wheeling charges and T&D losses not applicable for captive solar generators within the state 3) Exemption of electricity duty 4) Conditional banking available to captive generators


Asim Sharma, Consultant, FGC


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