Andhra Pradesh Net Metering Policy

Government of Andhra Pradesh has announced its policy for encouraging solar power production in the State.With the view of good potential for harnessing Solar Energy, it felt that net metering should be provided to consumers for self consumption and feeding excess power into the grid when it is  not consumed by them.

APTRANSCO has installed 100 kW solar plant at Vidyut Soudha, Hyderabad on a pilot basis and has implemented the net metering facility.   CMD, APTRANSCO has proposed that net metering facility can be implemented for the consumers who intend to encourage solar green energy and set up solar PV plants at unutilized places on roof-tops, waste lands, buildings of individual households, industries, offices, institutions, residential complexes etc., considering that there exists subsidy from the Government of India through NREDCAP up to 30% of the cost the panel , till the  capacity of 500 KW without battery support.

After carefully examing Government  permits implementation of Net Metering Facility for the consumers who strive to encourage the solar green energy and set-up solar PV plants.

Guidelines for Implementation of this Facility:

  1.  Consumer will generate solar power for self consumption and feed excess power into the grid. 
  2. Net metering  records net energy between export of generated energy and import of DISCOM energy for a billing month. Alternatively, the meter, having the feature of recording both the import and export values, besides other parameters notified by CEA metering regulations and APTRANSCO /DISCOM procedures in vogue, shall also be allowed for arriving net energy for the billing period.
  3. Net metering facility is allowed only for 3-Phase consumers, making single phase consumers ineligible.
  4. The SPV generator shall pay for the net energy in a billing month as per applicable retail supply tariff decided by regulatory commission to the concerned DISCOM, if the supplied energy by the licensee is more than the injected energy by the solar PV sources of the consumers.  Any excess/ surplus energy injected in to the grid in a billing month will be treated as inadvertent and no payment will be paid for such energy.
  5. It is mandatory for the  generator  to provide an appropriate protection system on their incoming side/ consumer premises with the feature of “Islanding the SPV generator” when grid fails.
  6.  The  generator shall bear the entire cost of metering arrangement provided including its accessories. The installation of meters including CTs & PTs, wherever applicable, shall be carried out as per the latest departmental procedures  with prior permission of DISCOMS.
  7.    Such SPV generator will submit the required information in the prescribed format to the DISCOM & DISCOM will give acknowledgement for the same for the net metering as per the applicable billing period.
  8. The Solar PV panels proposed to be installed shall meet the requirements of Indian as well as IEC standards.
  9.   Any existing subsidy  provided by the Government of India, maybe obtained.

One response to “Andhra Pradesh Net Metering Policy

  1. If one supplies more solar units than what one consumes through the current grid in a particular month, no credit.
    If it is less, then the difference in units is charged at normal retail rates. — who on earth says this is what it means by Net metering.

    The difference between whole sale and retail markets ( non existent in Indian markets even after considering the exemplary roles of IEX/PXIL) is simply being pocketed by Discoms by conning the consumers in to these types of dubious schemes.

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