Uttar Pradesh releases RFP ( request for proposal) for 200MW Solar PV

Uttar Pradesh New and Renewable Energy Development (UPNEDA)  released RFP for procurement of 200MW of power by Grid Connected solar PV plants. The bidders will be selected by tariff-based competitive bidding process.


Total capacity is 200 MW

Minimum Capacity is 5MW

Maximum Capacity is 50MW

The Projects developed on conventional solar PV technology should have a minimum CUF of 15% in any given contract year.

Financial Criteria:

Net Worth must be equal to or greater than Rs. 3.50 Crore per MW for capacity upto 25MW. For every MW additional capacity beyond 25MW,additional net worth of RS. 2.50 Crore per MW should be exhibited.

Fees and Bank Guarantee:

RFP non-refundable fee: Rs.11,025/-

Processing fee : Rs. 1 Lakh

Bid Bond: Rs. 20 Lakhs/MW

Contract Performance Guarantee: Rs. 75 Lakhs/MW

Bidding Timeline:

Due date for Bid: 25 April, 2013 by 12 Noon

Pre Bid Meeting scheduled for on 03 April 2013 at 12.00 Noon at UPNEDA Office, Lucknow.

Complete document is available here 01 Request for Proposal – 200 MW Solar PV


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