APERC Tariff Order 2013-14

Andhra Pradesh Electricity Regulatory commission (APERC) has released the tariff order for 2013-14, which will come into effect from 1st April 2013. The tariff has been hiked by 23%, despite APERC rejected discoms plea to increase the tariff by 45%.The number of  slabs for domestic users has increased from six to ten, while for commercial users it has increased from two to five. There is no change in tariff for those consuming less than 50 units a month while free power is available for agriculture consumers.

For the first time, a probable cost for the purchase of power has been introduced. This clause ensures that the consumer would be returned the difference in  amount in case the Discoms are able to procure power at a cost lower than what they are charging the consumer. At the same time, the consumer can also be asked to pay additional costs if the Discoms procure power at a  cost higher than what they are charging the consumer now.

This is the second tariff hike for power consumers since Mr. Kiran Kumar Reddy has become the Chief Minister, Andhra Pradesh.

For more information about the tariff, please check the document: Tariff Order APERC 2013-14


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  1. Hi, Can you please share some information on the various permits & approvals required for developmemt of Solar Plant in TN.

    Thank you

    Regards DINESH MORE

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