Effect of Shading on Solar Plant Performance


Shading plays a very important role while designing the PV system layout. The field installation of solar array should be such that the modules are closest to southern orientation of the building/plane. All modules connected in a series string must be in same orientation, it is important that the distance between two array is kept at least 2.5-3 times to avoid inter row shading. Many times solar plant owner puts grass/vegetation in between the arrays which keeps module cool to optimize its performance. The vegetation in turn if not controlled leads to shading on the PV array.The effect of shading will be in terms of reducing the array voltage.

In a typical PV system an array is designed as per the inverter voltage input requirements and various strings are connected in parallel to meet the required current and voltage of the Solar Modules. The Shading will reduce the Voltage of the shaded string and overall inverter output will be dictated by weakest array. Hence it is important for module to be shade free in order to avoid the shading losses.

Shading analysis

Shading analysis


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