A cheap nano wire ink that can boost existing solar cell efficiency by 25%

Solink is a very intriguing product launched by Swedish start up Sol Voltaics. It is an ink made from nanowires, which when diffused across the solar panel boosts the efficiency by 25%. This could be a breakthrough technology in the field of Solar and could help it dethrone the dirty fossil fuels.

Solink, contain gallium arsenide (GaAs) nanowires and added at the end of the process. GaAs is one of the most efficient photovoltaic materials present in the market but they pinch your pocket more than silicon’s. Although, Sol Voltaics has come up with a way of cheaply producing plethora of GaAs nanowires, and then consummate an ink that is easy to apply to existing solar cells.

As we are aware that nanowires, due to their long length can be much more efficient than the regular flat semiconductors. The hindrance faced with nanowires is that they are expensive to produce and the process is low. Recently, Lund University in Sweden announced that they succeed in creating self-assembling GaAs nanowires that can be consummated in the gas phase without a substrate thereby accelerating the process. To achieve this, nanoparticles of gold are pumped through a tube-shaped furnace. By adding the gases TMGA (trimethylgallium) and AsH3 (arsine) to the furnace, gallium and arsenide are deposited onto the crystal, creating a nanowire.self-assembling-nanowires-process-diagram-640x275This process, called aerotaxy, is exciting because it’s incredibly quick, efficient, and continuous process and might find its use in other applications as well.

Source: Extreme Tech

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