First Solar to manufacture copper-based crystalline silicon solar cells

 First Solar ,a leading thin-film and PV project developer has taken  the solar industry by storm with the acquisition of  monocrystalline start-up TetraSun which is based in the US. The tentative production date would be second half of 2014. Nothing has been mentioned about the capital investment, location where cells would be produced and the production capacity.

 Since exiting from R&D into CIGS thin -film technology and has instead turned its focused on CdTe technology. That reliance is a double-edged sword. Using CdTe as your semiconductor of choice allows you to make relatively inexpensive solar cells that are thought to be capable of efficiencies approaching 20 percent, at least in laboratory conditions. But real world conditions aren’t the same as those in the lab, as First Solar has had at least one batch of panels which turned out to be less productive than expected.

The main aim of First Solar from this acquisition is that it aims to capture the markets in Japan where they have not enjoyed much success.

Source: PV Tech


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