Solar Modules could fall to 25 cents / Watt by 2020~ Citigroup

Energy analysts at Citygroup have come up with an astonishing assessment regarding the cost of Solar Modules, which could drop down to 25 cents/ Watt by 2020.

Their analysis is based on opinion that solar is the future of World’s Energy demand. The speed with which cost of Solar PV has declined has left many perplexed.

Based on persistence of  trend, and forecasts of solar PV capacity rising from around 100GW now to 500GW by 2020, Citi’s predictions fall in line with the market average, with a module cost of around 53c/Watt. And any variations would be dependent on short-term supply or demand effects.

The Solar market has developed in 3 stages: First was the experimental stage, second was the industrial stage and third (in the future) will witness mass production stage, which is likely to cause the rates to be slashed.

Modules are not the only chief cost. “Balance of system” costs – which include such things as inverters, mounting systems, installation costs and planning approvals.

Here are a few graphical analysis which sheds light on the cost


citi-solar-comparison citi-solar-residential

For more information read here:


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