Estimation of Tariff Order under open access

According to the Electricity Act 2003, Open Access is defined as  the non-discriminatory provision for the use of transmission lines or distribution system or associated facilities with such lines or system by any licensee or consumer or a person engaged in generation in accordance with the regulations specified by the Appropriate Commission.”

The application procedure, fees and timeline for eligible consumers seeking open access will be dependent on the following criteria:

  • System to which it is connected:
  1.   Intra state transmission system 
  2. Distribution system
  • Drawl and injection points- Inter se location
  1. Both within same distribution systems
  2. Different distribution systems but within the same state
  3. Different states
  • Duration of Open Access:
  1. Long Term Access
  2. Medium Term open Access
  3. Short Term  open Access

Provisions for Grant of Open Access:

  • The State Commission shall introduce open access in such phases and subject to such conditions, (including the cross subsidies, and other operational constraints) as may be specified within one year of the appointed date by it and in specifying the extent of open access in successive phases and in determining the charges for wheeling, it shall have due regard to all relevant factors including  cross subsidies, and other operational constraints.
  • Provided also that the State commission shall, not later than five years from the date of commencement of the Electricity (Amendment)Act, 2003, by regulations, provide such open access to all consumers who require a supply of electricity where the maximum power to be made available at any time exceeds one megawatt.

Categories of Open Access Consumers:


Open Access Eligibility:

  • It will be accessible for customers seeking open access upto SERC has introduced open access:
  1. Establish connection through independent feeder originating from licensed grid substation.
  2. Industrial feeder, if all customers on industrial feeder opt for open access and having a continuous withdrawal schedule.
  • If consumers do not opt for independent feeders, they can be permitted to open access contingent on 
  1. If they agree to accept restrictions imposed on feeders serving them,by utility.

Application Procedure and fees:

OA-short term1OA-Med term1OA-Long term1

Open Access Charges at 33 KV in different states across India



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