Solar producers against any Anti-dumping duty

In India no. of solar producers prefer importing solar panels(crystalline silicon) because of the huge costs involved.Few of the panels are not manufactured in India,this leads to importing,At the same time domestic solar are less efficient when compared to the imported ones and the prices  also is very high.This triggers in importing the cells from countries like US,China,Taiwan.The amount of import has significantly increased from 920 MW to 1050 MW in 2012.

There is a tussle going on between Manufacturers and producer at present.The government wants to protect the domestic interest,but at the same time they want cheaper solar power and grid connectivity to boost up the solar industry.The government will enact Anti dumping duty only it feels the national’s interest in getting damaged,or if the domestic market is plunging.They come into play when a foreign company is selling an item significantly below the price at which it is being produced.

Now if the government imposes any duty,furthermore it will lead to it will not be possible for the producers to import better quality panels at cheaper rate.Looking at current scenario the solar industry needs a push by the government,the producers need to be encouraged and measures will have to be taken to make sure that panels are available in India market too at a fair market price.

Source : The Economic Times


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