ITDA sets paradigm for Industry and Government in Solar Water Pumping and Illumination

While the state government is putting in decent effort to establish Solar Electricity as an alternative power source,INTEGRATED TRIBAL DEVELOPMENT AGENCY (ITDA) leads the way in setting up solar based pumping system and illumination in its hostels with assistance from Members of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme (MPLADS). Apart from its success story, it has also encouraged officials to set up solar system with Rs 14 Crore in all tribal welfare ashram and residential hostels within the agency in the coming years.

Three tribal welfare hostels have been established by ITDA in Singampalli in Rajavommangi, Boduluru in Maredumilli and K. Yerrampalem in Rampachodavaram mandals, where severe water shortage and power crisis was observed. The project officer of ITDA and Executive Engineer Mr Muralikrishna concocted a proposal and approached Ms Ratnabai, Rajya Sabha Member from Rampachodavaram who gave them Rs. 30 Lakhs from her MPLADS with which 3 plants each worth Rs. 10 Lakhs were set up in the hostels. These pumps are working flawlessly and one of hostel is getting power for illumination along with water, which is connected to RO plant.

Mr Murali Krishna mentioned, that they have erected these submersible pumps based on German technology. It will have a controller, which will switch off the motor whenever depletion of water level is observed and will work after an increment in water level is observed.

A draft plan is in place to erect solar system in all 91 hostels inclusive of 59 ashram schools, residential hostels and 12 tribal welfare residential schools.

In first phase they will take up 14 girls hostels where they will give solar water pumping system and illumination connections with different panels and also hot water during winter and rainy seasons. In the second and third phases the ITDA will cover the remaining hostels. “It will take about two years from now to complete the project and we are seeking the help of Tribal Welfare department and other government and non-government agencies to augment Rs.14 crore for the solar systems,” Ms. Nagarani said.

14 girls hostels will be provided with Solar water pumping system and illumination connections with different panels and also hot water water during winter and rainy seasons in the first phase. In second and third phases, the other remaining hostels will be covered. The timeline for project has been established to 2 years.

 Non-conventional Energy Development Corporation of Andhra Pradesh Limited (NEDCAP) and other agencies are being consulted, which would give subsidies to the project.

Soruce: The Hindu

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