Marketing Aspect related to rooftop solar:

The undefining need for renewables is obvious in this era as the conventional source of energy and power is depleting day by day. Government is thus, taking many initiatives to push the solar business in the country. Various kinds of subsidies and exemption from taxes have thrived for long. The customers have evolved over a period and are looking for something which give them high returns with low cost installation. To give a wider scope various marketing strategies are used to create the need for the consumer. Marketing has become the central part of running a renewable energy business.Many consumers are approaching for installations of rooftop solar. (Times of India report). This varies from state to state. And to an extent depends on the electricity consumptions of a consumer. The need of the consumer is not same always, hence identifying the needs becomes difficult.


To bridge the gap segmentation and targeting is done.this leads to more clarity.Customers are classified into various segments considering the rooftop solar.In geographic segment,the location of the house is mapped.if the house is south facing solar panels are most efficient,as it nullifies the shading a customer having  a house with roof facing south acts as prime customer.Demographic segment includes two types of customer:Residential and Commercial. In residential we have customers with small roofs and less electricity consumption whereas under commercial,we have institutions,offices,having large roof space and very high consumption. In Psychographic segment,moral beliefs and values of a customer are covered.There are customers who are environmentally friendly,and customers who want to save electricity by consuming very less conventional source.such kind of customers can be tapped under this segment.It is important to know electricity consumption, the customer technical awareness , and their intentions to use. Using this information to select the panels with the features that are most beneficial to the customer,one can tap the customer segregating under Behavioral segment.


Residential rooftop solar


Rooftop solar panels installed on Commercial/Institutional buildings

Basically segmentation is done to catch hold of customers,and identifying the basic need of consumer is the first step of this.with the help of this segmentation,the targeting becomes easier,as now customers are segregated according to their needs and can be satisfied more efficiently.With a view of price hike in the electricity charges,it is understood that the demand or rooftop solar panels will be on a rise.


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