Marketing mix of solar pv:

Unlike other products, solar panels have not reached a stage where they can pull the customers. So the very basic concept of marketing is applied at all levels to establish the solar business. The combination of the product feature, price, place & promotion is known as the marketing mix. When these are listed in detail, one can get a fair idea as how to strategize its business.



Depending on the need and the customers there are no. of solar cells. Mainly crystalline and thin-film solar cell is used. Detailed information on Panels, transformers, inverters, Batteries  & necessary construction equipment should be included in the proposal to inform the client of what they are buying. This forms the quality of solar pv cells and the reliability which customers look into before making a purchase. The product attributes and reliability have to be captured.



One of the important barriers in the growing solar market. The various price mechanism policies by local/state government, financing options by the government are making it possible for the new customers make a purchase. Every state has a different pricing policy when it comes to solar pv. The primary goal is to promote green energy among customers. Giving tax exemptions and reducing other duties are few of the measures.


Channels through which solar is sold, also is an area where solar programs have an important role through their work with installers, developers, and suppliers. Building a strong supplier network is critical in keeping up with rising demand. There are umpteen developers who directly involve in selling and distribution. The goal should be to ensure that customers will be able to access the services in an easier way without much transact delay.


Promotion is yet to take up in this field. But in future we may see a lot of promotional strategies coming up. There is a lot of personal selling and direct marketing happening now. . Using communications and promotional strategies to favorably present solar in the marketplace and ensuring that the right messages are presented to the public will help build a stronger market for solar technologies.


The 4 p’s hereby ensures that all the areas of sales keeping in mind the after sale service an important part.The marketing plan will only be successful if the consumer finds it reliable.this has to start with the consumer.Finding the right customer and matching the right product will only happen if all the 4ps act together.


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