First Green Brings to you Master Class on PVsyst Solar Project Designing Tool


Workshop Details:PVSYST_TRG

Registration form: PVSYST_Workshop Resgistration Form

There is a huge demand in the industry for solar professionals and there are various tools available today for which professional training is required with hands on working experience. Pvsyst is one of the most widely used tool in solar projects and always there are concerns on its usage potential and different features and helps in system sizing and designing of Solar PV.  In this context of the current situation, FirstGreen Consulting pvt. Ltd. brings to you a master class on Pvsyst Solar Project designing tool on 7 June at DLF city club DLF City ph III in Gurgaon which will help enhance skills for the solar industry. The master class will provide training on the software through theoretical and practical case studies.

Topics to be covered:

  • Fundamental aspects of PV system design
  • Performance assessment of PV systems
  • PVSyst simulation process
  • PV array shading analysis
  • Custom engineering
  • Simulating loss factors
  • Assessment of hourly generation
  • System design for fixed v/s tracking system
  • PR calculations
  • Hands-on PVSyst case studies for grid connected and rooftop systems

Key Benefits: Excellent training program, equip you with skills and better opportunities for the future

  • Better understanding of the Solar PV system thorough understanding of the software
  • Understanding the design aspects in Grid Connected Solar PV
  • Will prepare you for better job opportunities for the future with necessary skills in the Solar Industry
  • Characterize the components of a PV system and optimize its design
  • Able to generate single simulation with multiple array types

Registration fee:

  • For Professionals: INR 7500 per participant
  • For Students: INR 5000 per participant
  • Early bird discount: INR 1500 per participant, until 25th  May 2013


DLF Club, DLF Phase-3, Gurgaon-122002, Haryana

Date: 7 June, 2013


2 responses to “First Green Brings to you Master Class on PVsyst Solar Project Designing Tool

  1. Sir please tell me the schedule and venue. I’m a final year B.Tech student (Electrical Engineering) from Kolkata, West Bengal. I’m looking forward to work in the solar energy sector after completing my degree. Please visit my blog to view my works on renewable energy.

    Thank you
    Amrit Mandal

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