Berlin based company is going to set up 5 MW commercial battery park in Germany

It is costly and tedious job to store the huge amount of electricity. Considering any source of electricity generation (Solar, Wind, Hydro, bio-mass, coal etc.), for a large scale plant, electricity generation is equal to electricity consumption. Up till now, Storage of electricity is only economical for small electricity consumption devices or households. However, with this news, it seems that this trend is going to change now.

Berlin startup Younicos and renewable power utility company Wemag AG are setting up a 5 MW lithium-ion battery park in West Mecklenburg, Germany. Samsung SDI will be supplying the batteries with a 20-year guarantee. Younicos is going to start this project from the june this year and it is expected that project will be commissioned in mid-2014, Europe’s first commercial 5 MWh capacity battery park will come into operation in Schwerin, Germany. Wemag has nearly 800 MW of capacity powered by renewable source in the region. 

For the further reading kindly visit the following link.


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