Outrage over Import duties on Chinese solar products by EU

One of the steps taken by EU member states to impose anti dumping duties on Chinese solar products is indeed creating a Furore among workers and many solar developers.Though the results of the voting has not be announced yet,but if the proposal is passed, duties ranging from 37 to 68 percent will be levied on Chinese solar makers starting June 6th.This will probably cut more than 200,000 jobs across china and EU.Many big business leaders and officials are opposing this proposal as the impact would be very much negative resulting in losses of jobs.

The EU currently accounts for about half of China’s solar exports, prompting Chinese solar panel makers to diversify and move away from an over-dependence on European markets. These companies have captured more than 80% of the European solar panel market, from almost zero a few years ago.EU may have taken this step in their interest to safeguard their solar market not be occupied by chinese products,Nontheless it will affect all the developers who export panels at cheaper rate and also who build solar projects.Eventually the end consumer will be bearing the burden as they will have to shed extra amount for the consumption.On the other hand companies to balance their expenses would start cutting jobs.This is indeed a major concern as far as EU is concerned.The government of EU member states needs to take preventive measures,also taking into consideration both the aspects,as the solar market is something which is expanding day by day.

Source: The Guardian


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