Thanks to all participants for making “Master class on PVsyst” a success.

Gurgaon 7th June 2013: First Green conducted master class on PVsyst .We would like to say a big thank you to all participants for taking part in the event and making it the success that it was.Training people on solar is passion to the First Green team and nothing makes us more rewarding than, an excellent training section with highly participated delegates from various industry to take off solar in there regular business activities. The feedback from participants has been predominantly very positive and we are thrilled with the outcome of the overall arrangement. The concept of having master class on PVsyst was well received by most participants .Picture2Almost 30 delegates from various organization attended, interestingly some of the participants already had hands on experience on PVsyst and wanted to get further upgrade there skills on PVsyst on advance topics such as shading analysis ,cable sizing, string design , effect of temperature , inverter selection  etc .Some of the participants from telecom companies were also attended to do system sizing on standalone systems specially related to telecom towers .Although PVsyst is quite versatile tool ,however participants liked our approach to understand various system design criteria’s and its techno commercial implications in decision making for a Stand alone and Grid Connected PV system .Using real life case studies First Green explained variety of projects and shared hands on experience on variety of projects it has been doing in India. photo (7)Some of the key features of PVsyst were also described to the participants in terms of potential flat form ,the presentation were also focussed on some shortcuts which participants can use to access the different system sizing results and also access the reports generated by PVsyst. The participants were also guided on how to use free and paid data sources for solar radiation for and interpret this data through PVsyst as part of there system design approach and site meteo assessment .Large scale PV deployment have just now taken in India ,not only PVsyst but also many other software are equally useful in solar PV system tool designing. The participants in master class also exposed to some of other PVsyst design tools for further upgrading in PV systems. First green team is thankful to everyone to came along and participated in interactive session and made the event successful .Based on the request of some of the participants, we will be soon announcing the next master class and look forward for similar participation. In case anybody is interested to get the work shop PPT please mail to More information regarding the next  event will be posted here shortly.

Thank you.

Dr Sanjay Vashishtha

Founder and CEO First Green.


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