Grid connected floating solar PV plant in Singapore

Phoenix Solar Pte Ltd., the Singapore based subsidiary of Phoenix Solar AG  has successfully connected to the grid the first floating photovoltaic (PV) system in Southeast Asia. The 5kWp system is a pilot project located in the Pond Gardens of Bishan Park. The project is a privately funded collaboration led by Phoenix Solar with the gracious cooperation of the National Parks Board. The solar modules are manufactured in Singapore and donated by REC Modules Pte Ltd.

floating-solar-photovoltaic-PV-technology (1)

The floating PV installation uses 20 REC Peak Energy Series solar modules, fixed at a 10 degree angle and placed on interlocking UVresistant floating structures. The system is anchored to the lake bed at four points, with the current produced by the panels sent to land via marine-grade submersible cables.

For a year Phoenix Solar will test the suitability of the floating PV system installed on fresh water. Phoenix Solar has installed multiple sensors measuring criteria such as solar irradiation, temperature and humidity that will accurately track the performance of the system and provide valuable data for research.

Phoenix will closely monitor the pilot project to study the environmental impact on water quality, flora and fauna, and to quantify a number of anticipated benefits. (i) The water cooling effect should improve solar cell efficiency. (ii) By covering expanses of water, the floating PV should reduce evaporation of valuable fresh water. (iii) Restricted penetration of sunlight in the water bodies should impede the growth of undesirable algae. Scaled up sufficiently, floating PV is an excellent complement for existing hydro power plants, helping to conserve the reservoir volumes while generating power.

Floating PV is also an attractive option for land scarce countries with high density of water bodies such as Singapore.

source : phoenix solar


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