Google X: A radically cheaper wind energy project

Google has found a new way to play a part in the future of the world’s energy production needs, this time working on a “radically cheaper” wind energy project from its ‘secret’ innovation facility Google X.

Google recently acquired California based start-up Makani Power that specialises in complicated robotics for generating electricity. The Makani Airborne Wind Turbine is a tethered wing that generates power by flying in large circles where wind is more consistent. According to Makani Power, it eliminated 90 % of the materials waste from normal wind turbines.

Simply speaking, energy is extracted from the wind using small turbines on the kite-like turbines then is transmitted to the ground via a tether where it is fed into a grid.

Makani Power’s goal is to deploy the airborne turbines in offshore wind farms.

This is not Google’s first foray into renewable energy. Before Google X, the search engine giant invested in the Renewable Energy Cheaper than Coal scheme that was launched in 2007. However in 2011, Google decided to retire this initiative.


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