PV Box – Solar Power Conversion Substation by Schneider Electric

The PV Box is a power conversion system. In PV plant installations, it operates between the DC field and the AC MV grid connection point. The PV Box performs the DC power concentration, the DC/AC conversion and the AC voltage elevation to the grid voltage level. It ensures the protection of the maintenance people and the installation against electrical faults such as short-circuit and lightning. The optimized versions of the PV Box allow a reduction of the Balance of System cost, an increase of the reliability and an improvement of its deployment speed.pv boxPV BOX is a pre-wired equipment package designed to meet growing demands of large scale grid-tie solar farms and commercial rooftop solar installations. It is a complete solution for electrical distribution, automation, security, monitoring and control. The contents of a PV BOX includes solar inverters, DC combiner boxes, step-up transformers and a medium voltage switch housed in a prefabricated building.

All equipment is housed in one building to allow quick field wiring from both the solar arrays and the utility grid connection point. Optional items can be added to the package such as; climate controls, security equipment, array string monitoring, Conext Control monitoring, and power metering.


Solar Power Conversion Substation

  • Single source of procurement
  • Ensured seamless component compatibility
  • Minimize field electrical work and minimize installation cost
  • Minimal site preparation (civic work costs)
  • Accelerate project completion
  • Extend critical component life in a controlled environment
  • Lower total system cost


  • Utility Scale Solar Farms
  • Commercial rooftop up to 750 kW
  • Includes inverters and paralleling switchgear

source: Schneider Electric


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