The project entails the construction of five 25 megawatt (MW) and one 20 MW solar photovoltaic power generation plants, totaling 145 MW, across six locations in Gujarat state. The project sites are generally within a 150 kilometers (km) radius of the cities of Ahmedabad, Porbandar, and Rajkot and readily accessible by public roads. The annual global horizon irradiace across the six project sites is estimated to be in the range of 2,014 to 2,062 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per square meter, among the strongest in the country.

Objectives and Scope

The project is designed to promote sustainable growth by diversifying India’s energy mix through the addition of renewable energy capacity. The development impact of the project also includes environmental benefits through more efficient use of indigenous renewable energy resources with almost no emission of pollutants or greenhouse gases. The building of the project will help prove the feasibility of utility-scale solar power projects in India and the operational performance in a location where substantial development in solar power is planned during 201-2017.

Project Rationale and Linkage to Country/Regional Strategy

The project supports two of the five core operational areas of Strategy 2020- infrastructure and environment. The project is aligned with the India country partnership strategy (CPS), 2009-2012. One of the four strategy pillars of the CPS is to support inclusive and environmentally sustainable growth through continued focus on infrastructure development and enhanced focus on renewable energy. The project is consistent with the one key outcome indicator of the CPS, which targets an addition of at least 70 MW of solar power generation through ADB assistance by 2012.

Implementation Progress

Description of Project Outputs

Successful implementation of the project will result in the constructions and operation of one of India’s largest undertaking of a utiliy-scale solar photovoltaic power program and increase solar power generation capacity in the country by 145 MW.

Safeguard Categories

Environment: B
Involuntary Resettlement: C
Indigenous Peoples: C

Project Sponsor

Moser Baer Clean Energy Limited

Source: ADB


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