German FIT for PV_052411_Final Clean _post IRR

GermenyAs can be seen in the graph and as described in the timeline above, Germany has consistently exerted downward pressure on PV prices through degression during the past decade. During 2000-2009, degression was set as a fixed annual amount. During 2009-2011, however, the German government introduced volume-responsive “corridor” or “flexible” degression schedules. During the same period, the German government also implemented “non-scheduled adjustments” as a result of “unforeseen developments in the prices of photovoltaic systems.18” Since 2008, PV component prices have declined sharply, with panel prices falling approximately 40% in 2009 alone. The impact on the German market and the government response is apparent from the graph below: there is a comparatively sharp decline in rates starting in 2009-2010 in reaction to a significant acceleration in market growth. This dynamic is discussed in detail in this section.

Source By: dbadvisers


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