Andra Pradesh Government is going to launch green factory building code

The Andhra Pradesh Government is going to launch a new green factory building code for new as well as existing industries that will make it mandatory. These green building guidelines will help for conserving energy, water and land space. The basic intent of this code to create better build environment. There is no extra financial burden will be imposed on the developer.

The proposed green building guideline have the mandatory provisions such as- painting on 50 per cent of the roof surface with high solar reflective paint, at least 50 per cent of the car parking spaces should have a shade, certain rainwater harvesting measures and designing of windows and skylight so that more day-lighting can be accessed by the interior areas.


The State Government is also planning on a proposal to supply treated water to industries so that drinking water supplies could be increased. These initiatives will help in reducing the problem of urban water supply and raise the ground water level. Under the Indo-German Environment Partnership program, state government plan is to set up new industrial park and investment zones, with the pilot activities being focused in Andhra Pradesh.



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